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We expand your market to tens of thousands of new consumers!

Our Kosher certificates meet the highest standards and are recognized in Israel as well as globally.

What is Kosher?

Kosher is a Jewish religious dietary requirement. It specifies which foods are permitted to Jewish observers and which are not. The kosher diet is followed by millions of people worldwide. There are foods that are only suitable for consumption under certain rules, and others that are naturally kosher unprocessed, such as most fruits and vegetables.

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With a kosher certificate, you as a producer can enter new markets in Austria and worldwide. This can apply to individual products, such as Kelly’s Chips, or entire production lines, as it is the case with Soletti.

Since there is also an interest from our side to be able to offer more kosher products to the Jewish community, we will check and visit your production free of charge until 01.08.2024!

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Whether restaurant, bakery or hotel, with a kosher certificate of the highest standard, your kitchen will automatically become more attractive!
This way, you will soon be able to offer your meals to an additional niche of tens of thousands of Jewish residents in Austria and to over 100,000 annual Jewish tourists – in addition, of course, to your existing customers.

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