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Questions regarding Kosher food in Austria?
Here you will find all the answers!

Kosher products

In Vienna, in addition to the kosher supermarkets, there are many kosher products that you can find in Spar, Billa, Hofer and other stores. The products listed by us are under the supervision of Chief Rabbi Avraham Yona Schwartz, who has been dealing with kashrut for over 40 years.
Furthermore, he is the only Rabbi in Austria who is also recognized by the Israeli Rabbinate. The products thus meet the highest kashrut standards and are regularly tested.

Latest products

Kosher Restaurants in Vienna

The kosher restaurants with the Hechscher issued by us meet the highest kashrut standards. Currently, several restaurants in Vienna have a certificate issued by us. In addition, there is also a catering service and in the high season sometime even kosher hotels under our supervision.

Below you will find the kosher restaurants in Vienna.

Kosher stores in Vienna

At the moment there are 4 kosher supermarkets (not supervised by us) and one butcher’s shop under our supervision in Vienna.
The supermarkets can be found under the names “Lamehadrin”, “Shefa Markt” and “Kosher Minimarkt”.

In addition, you can find some of the wines under our supervision in the following online-shop.